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sjt 16444 8 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-8-def-1 PUMPED WITH COCK IN THE LOCKER ROOM
A pretty Japanese hipster with long tresses of ash blonde hair strips at the changing room locker, donning a pink hospital attendant’s uniform with high black boots. A striking sight as she steps in front of the backdrop for model photos, but then the photographer steps in and begins pawing at that beautiful Asian booty. She walks off in a huff and he follows her to the locker room.
He goes for a feel of her nice firm boobs, encased in a sparkly teal bra. She swats him away, but then gets on her knees and holds his throbbing cock by the fuzzy root and proceeds to give him the blowjob of his life. She lies back on the wooden bench as he slides his shiny cock into her furry snatch. Then she wraps those high boots around his waist and climbs to his lap as he plows straight up into her hot honey hole.
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SexJapanTV sjt 16444-7-def-1 BARE-ASSED IN THE PARK

SexJapanTV sjt_16444-7-def-1 BARE-ASSED IN THE PARK
sjt 16444 7 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-7-def-1 BARE-ASSED IN THE PARK
A sweet Japanese coed with short bobbed hair pulls off her shapeless green jacket and strips to a pretty frilly bra, changing into the tight jeans, sweater and kooky pink dotted apron for her modeling job. At the backdrop for photos she giggles at the ridiculous getup and mimics pouring tea. The scene shift to a waterfront park where she strolls in her silly outfit. She’s handed a little spray bottle and sprays the leaves of a nearby tree.
The naughty photographer wrestles her to the grass andrubs his hand into the crotch of her lacy white panties. When he pulls them down she spreads her legs to show a furry pussy, and he can'[t help but plow in for a ride. Her legs wrap up and around her “tormentor” as he pumps in faster, then he tosses her a fake flower bouquet to hold while her poon is slammed full of big mean dick. We see a closeup of her pussy hair sticky with cum.File Size: 493 Mb
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SexJapanTV sjt 16444-6-def-1 SEXY DOCTOR RUBS ONE OUT

SexJapanTV sjt_16444-6-def-1 SEXY DOCTOR RUBS ONE OUT
sjt 16444 6 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-6-def-1 SEXY DOCTOR RUBS ONE OUT
The next model in our fantasy scene series comes in so layered with heavy coats it’s hard to see her lovely Asian body. When she strips to change in the locker room we get a chance to admire her lean smooth curves. Pulling on a prim black skirt and white lab jacket, she makes a hot little doctor. She brandishes her stethoscope and flashes a peek at her big melony breasts. The photographer steps in and plays doctor with her, touching the stethoscope to her boobies and reaching in for a feel. He unbuttons her white uniform blouse to let them free.
There’s a tense moment when the photographer goes over the line and reaches up her skirt. Once she’s alone again in front of the backdrop, she reclaims her power by dropping to the floor, dropping her panties and rubbing her clit to a juicy orgasm. She defiantly plays with her own beautiful Japanese pussy to show the jerks who’s the boss.
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SexJapanTV sjt 16444-5-def-1 BLOWJOB IN THE LOCKER ROOM

SexJapanTV sjt_16444-5-def-1 BLOWJOB IN THE LOCKER ROOM
sjt 16444 5 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-5-def-1 BLOWJOB IN THE LOCKER ROOM
The next in our parade of hot Asian model girls posing in fantasy sex scenarios d barely makes it past the locker room changing area. After still photos in a man’s gray business suit at the bulletin board, the cameraman joins her as she unbuttons and holds her while she pretends to struggle from his advances.
When his hands are on her milky-white boobs she grinds her booty into his horny crotch. She eventually gives him what he’s after, dropping to her knees and opening his fly to offer him some sweet Japanese head. He settles down onto a bench as she finishes licking the shaft and shiny head of his cock, while he aims his small camera down to film. When he can’t hold back, she turns her head and spits his big load all over the floor.
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SexJapanTV sjt 16444-4-def-1 SAUCY WENCH GETS IT IN THE CAR

SexJapanTV sjt_16444-4-def-1 SAUCY WENCH GETS IT IN THE CAR
sjt 16444 4 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-4-def-1 SAUCY WENCH GETS IT IN THE CAR
Another pretty model shows up for her sexy scene, this time as a saucy wench in plaid and frills, and knee high gartered stockings. She changes in the locker room then poses for the photo. The location shot has her bending over in an open urban field but it’s chilly so she steps into the warmth of the transport car. On the way back a horny guy climbs into the back seat with her, wrestles her down as she giggles and smiles.
He ties her to the car seat then plays with her pretty round tits. As she squirms and laughs he flicks a finger across her nipples then pulls his pants down. She reaches over and jerks his hard prick with both hands, bends down to take him in her juicy mouth. He lifts her knees and massages her tight little twat. She’s had enough of this sex game, pulls up her white panties, and wriggles out the car door as he tosses her shoes and bag out to her.
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sjt 16444 3 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-3-def-1 FANTASY NURSE'S NAUGHTY RESCUE
Our next sex fantasy scenario is the lovely Asian model playing a nurse. She strips to bra and panties, changes to her uniform in the locker room then comes out to pose for still photos. When the scene starts our pretty nurse has come upon an unconscious man (a mannequin) with a big hard erection. Part of her ministrations include jacking his dick to revive him, then sucking his cock.
This sexy Japanese model goes about gulping down the big plastic dong when the director lies next to the mannequin to give her a chance with a real live male. Talented babe- she strokes both cocks in her hot little fists before he stands to milk his load into her bare hands.
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SexJapanTV sjt 16444-2-def-1 SEX GAME SAILOR GIRL

SexJapanTV sjt_16444-2-def-1 SEX GAME SAILOR GIRL
sjt 16444 2 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-2-def-1 SEX GAME SAILOR GIRL
Our pretty Japanese fantasy model strips down and changes in the locker room to get ready for the shoot. Sitting at a mirror she parts her hair into sexy little pigtails and dons a hot sailor girl uniform and prepares for the camera. She steps to the dark playground set but excuses herself to the restroom. The horny cameraman follows and they chat in the stall. So turned on by her sailor getup, he sneaks a look at our Asian beauty’s prim bra and smooth little titties. He reaches in to twiddle her perky nipples.
Strangely turned on, she reaches to pull him in further when his hand pulsates against her panty crotch, then drops to her knees to suck him right there in the toilet stall. Braced with both hands against the wall, she moans as he pumps his cock in from behind, shooting every stroke with his trusty mobile phone. The longer he fucks in, the more she bumps her ass back into his hard dick. She laughs as he tries to snatch away her panties as a souvenir.
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SexJapanTV sjt 16444-1-def-1 BACKSEAT FUCK

SexJapanTV sjt_16444-1-def-1 BACKSEAT FUCK
sjt 16444 1 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-1-def-1 BACKSEAT FUCK
A lovely Asian woman with a long side ponytail dresses in her work uniform and poses for pics. stepping outside to the vehicle, she enters the back seat joined by the cameraman and they wait for their driver to arrive. The cameraman gets handsy and our pretty babe takes a bit of convincing before she goes along with his advances. Soon though, she’s got her pretty head down between his legs, slurping down his cock in the back seat.
Her hungry mouth bobs on his dick and she licks the shiny head. His cock worked up almost to the edge, he runs an inquisitive hand into the crotch of her panties, and once she strips he parts the smooth tan lips of her pussy. She giggles and gabs as he positions his cock at the juicy hole and lets it pop in. To get a more comfortable position, our Japanese beauty stands bent over with her legs outside the car door and he plows in from behind. She cries “Ya, ya!” as her hot wet pussy gets pummeled doggy style.
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SexJapanTV sjt 25660-7-def-1 NAKED FUCKING IN THE STAIRWAY

SexJapanTV sjt_25660-7-def-1 NAKED FUCKING IN THE STAIRWAY
sjt 25660 7 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 25660-7-def-1 NAKED FUCKING IN THE STAIRWAY
A shy, sweet long-haired Asian woman sits on the steps when her date surprises her from behind and leads her to a secluded spot. Hand pressed between her round firm cheeks, he takes her to a stairway just out of sight and peels off her shirt. She laughs as he hikes her skirt and presses his crotch into her butt.
She kneels to suck his long stiff dick and stroke it harder. He rolls on a rubber to take things further, pounding into her juicy poon. She’s naked and impaled on his big cock when she sits on it to get the deepest wettest fuck. She digs her fingers into his back as he plows harder into her hot, sweet Japanese pussy.
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SexJapanTV sjt 20973-1-def-1 GIRL WITH FRIGGING FINGERS

SexJapanTV sjt_20973-1-def-1 GIRL WITH FRIGGING FINGERS
sjt 20973 1 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 20973-1-def-1 GIRL WITH FRIGGING FINGERS
Hot young Japanese ladies can’t wait to be alone and unobserved so they can dig into their panties and stimulate their hot little clits. Little do they know when there’s a voyeur cam catching every naughty moment. An innocent young coed deep in her studies looks quizzically at the pink marking pen in her hand and gets a filthy idea. She slides it into her twitching snatch and gets her motor running in overdrive. Then a hand takes over to finish the sexy task she started.
She bends over and crouches on all fours to slide a juicy wet finger into her hot honey slit. Her moans get louder and almost desperate as her sex drive takes over. Her body spasms, and her legs tense up while her hand pats, pets and prods into her horny pussy. Finally she has to peel off her school clothes and get naked, directing every ounce of her being to the delightful job of getting off. Flailing like she’s electrocuted, a body-rocking climax at last lets her settle down and catch her breath.
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